Northridge Church Pensacola


Our vision is to see lives transformed, families strengthened, and our community and the world impacted by the life-giving message of Jesus. 

Our church is involved with local outreach within our community as well as supporting missionaries throughout the world.

Local Missions

Our primary local mission is our “backpack” program. We have partnered with three elementary schools in Pensacola to identify children and families that could benefit from extra food. Each week of the school year we assemble more than 250 bags of non-perishable food to distribute at our partnered schools for students to take home with them on Fridays.

World Missions

Our church has a passion for reaching the world with the message of Jesus. We support many missionaries primarily through two local missions organizations: Globe Missions and Living Waters International. Additionally, we have selected 12 missionaries to be our “Northridge Family of Missionaries”. You can view a list of those missionaries and the nations they serve on the page below.

Annually, we have a Missions Conference where we enjoy hearing first hand from our missionaries the amazing things that God is doing around the world to build His kingdom. For more information on how you can support or be involved in Missions at Northridge, please contact the church office.

Pat Kelly

Guatemala, Albania, & Egypt

Living Water International - Director

Ron and Pat Kelly (Living Water International, Directors) - Guatemala, Albania, Egypt

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Fraga and Susan DaRosa

LeaMarie, Jenessa and Josia


Globe International

Fraga and Susan DaRosa, LeaMarie, Jenessa and Josia (Globe International) - Brazil

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Mark and Kevin Randall

Sarah, Leah, and Anna


Globe International

Mark and Kevin Randall, Sarah, Leah, and Anna (Globe International) - Nicaragua

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Bob and Melissa Hill

Overtoun House, Scotland

Globe International

Bob and Melissa Hill (Globe International) - Overtoun House, Scotland

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