Northridge Church Pensacola

Pat Kelly

Guatemala, Albania, & Egypt

Living Water International - Director

Ron and Pat Kelly (Living Water International, Directors) - Guatemala, Albania, Egypt

Pat Kelly is the International Director of Living Water International. LWI ministries in Guatemala and Albania are now feeding and spiritually developing over 8,000 children and also ministering to the families of the children. LWI operates nine feeding centers and three medical/dental clinics in Guatemala and four feeding centers and one clinic in Albania. Pat continues to have relationship with ten related churches and their pastors, two in Albania and eight in Guatemala.

Pat’s husband, Ron Kelly, passed away in 2015. Before entering full-time ministry, Ron was an electrical engineer specializing in computer integration. He worked for such organizations as RCA, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, and Southwest Research Institute. In 1981, he founded his own computer consulting business in Pensacola. He and Pat attended Liberty Bible College and became associate pastors at what is now North Ridge Church in Pensacola. In 1991, after the death of the founder of Living Water in Guatemala, the Lord called Ron and Pat to assume the role as directors of that ministry. During their oversight of more than 19 years, the ministry has grown and expanded. It was in 1995 that they took the ministry to the former communist country of Albania. Albania is the poorest of all the European countries.

Pat continues to have a burning compassion for all the children and their families that LWI ministers to in Guatemala and Albania. Pat has six children of her own, three of whom are now in heaven. In 1969 her first baby girl died when she was five days old of heart complications, in 1982 her son of seven years old was hit by a car and killed, and in 1989 her 20-year-old son was killed in an accident while serving in the Marine Corps.

Pat continues to bring a rich ministry life and history to the LNI family. She believes that ministry is about the Kingdom of God worldwide and that we are all working to build His kingdom.