Growth Track


Sunday 10:00 AM | Wednesday Small Groups 6:30 PM

Growth Track

Northridge exists so that others may know Jesus, find freedom, and discover their purpose. One of our best methods for helping people achieve these goals is our Growth Track class. The Growth Track is a series of 4 classes we call steps that help build a foundation for your spiritual growth.

Step One – FOLLOW

In this class, we will learn the foundational teaching of how to become a Christian and importance of baptism. We will also learn the basic building blocks for spiritual growth.

Step Two – CONNECT

In this class we will discuss how to share Christ with others. We will also explain how we support Missionaries in other nations. Additionally, we will share how you can connect with others in one of our small groups or as a member of our dream team.

Step Three – DISCOVER

God created you for a specific purpose. This class will help you discover your unique personality type and spiritual gifts. Knowing our design helps us understand the purpose for which God has created us.

Step Four - SERVE

Our hope in this class is to provide you with clear “next steps” to move you onto a team where you can use the gifts that God has given you to serve others.

For more information on Growth Track, please contact the church office.